Kitting is a process — typically performed by contract manufacturers and third-party logistics companies — in which individual components are compiled into a convenient kit for later assembly into a finished product at an assembly station or at a customer facility. Kitting helps to streamline assembly and product management, ultimately providing efficiency benefits that lower the cost of production.

The Benefits of Custom Kitting Services

Kitting solutions may offer a number of benefits to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in production and fulfillment workflows, such as:

  • Shorter product processing times
  • Less downtime during assembly
  • Reduced operator handling and motion

Our Kitting Process

At Precision Waterjet & Laser, our kitting process looks like this:

  1. Client meeting. The initial client consultation will determine the part type and quantity needed, as well as the best type of kit for the project.
  2. Planning. Our team collaborates with the customer to determine an ideal kit weight, layout, and size.
  3. Presentation. Our kitting experts formulate a project plan and present it to the customer, at which time the customer can give approval or additional feedback.
  4. Execution. We fabricate the parts and package the individual items for shipment.
  5. Shipping. The Precision team arranges shipping for the kits using freight, standard, or third-party shipping options. We can also provide custom and pelican shipping containers upon request.

Our Kitting and Assembly Capabilities

Our expert assembly and kitting technicians bring extensive knowledge and experience to every project, ensuring that the unique needs of every customer are met. We can provide kitting as a standalone service or as part of a full-service order. Our capabilities in this area include:

  • Machining, welding, and cutting pieces
  • Placing individual items into foam-protected cases for transport or storage
  • Fabricating specialized installation tools and equipment
  • Shipping to customer distribution center or assembly location
  • Waterjet cutting foam for kits

In addition to kitting, we also offer assembly and installation services:

  • Bolted/screwed assemblies
  • Nut plate assemblies
  • PEM® nut assemblies
  • Riveting assemblies
  • Welding assemblies

When incorporated as part of our broader manufacturing and machining portfolio, our fulfillment services allow us full control over part quality. When utilizing our full fulfillment services, we collaborate closely with our clients at every step of the fulfillment process to make sure that all finished components and assemblies we provide meet or exceed expectations and integrate seamlessly into existing equipment or products.

We frequently provide kitting and assembly services to industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Oil and gas
  • Optics

Quality Kitting and Assembly Services

At Precision Waterjet & Laser, our experienced team abides by our commitment to exceeding customer expectations for service and quality. Our customers benefit from:

  • Short lead times
  • Expertise in design/layout
  • Extensive parts inventory
  • Inventory and fulfillment accountability
  • Exceptional kit quality control
  • Comprehensive inspection services (full and sample inspection)

To see how our kitting and assembly services can support your next project, please contact us today.