Precision Waterjet & Laser has 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space filled with the most technologically advanced machinery and 40 talented employees to help you with your project needs. We are a one-stop shop when it comes to machining your parts and finishing them too.

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Aerospace Aerospace Aerospace We have worked with NASA, SpaceX, JPL, Lockheed Martin, and other aerospace OEMs and defense contractors of all sizes to provide accurate and reliable components used in advanced aerospace equipment. Defense & Military Defense/Military Defense/Military Precision Waterjet & Laser acts as a one-stop shop for defense parts. We’ve worked extensively with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), granting us unique insight into the production needs of the military and defense sectors. Alternative Energy Alternative Energy Alternative Energy At Precision Waterjet & Laser, our high-volume capacity and equipment diversity enables us to support the needs of complex alternative and renewable energy projects. Oil & Gas Oil/Gas Oil/Gas We have developed strong relationships with suppliers of unique and exotic materials that we can leverage to help our oil and gas customers source difficult raw materials for complex projects. Architectural and Ornamental Architectural/Ornamental Architectural/Ornamental At Precision Waterjet & Laser, our skilled designers and engineers excel at developing and producing innovative, aesthetically pleasing architectural solutions and decorate ornamental pieces. Commercial/Residential Flooring Commercial/Residential Flooring Commercial/Residential Flooring The designers and engineers at Precision Waterjet & Laser have a great deal of experience designing and executing decorative flooring and surfaces. Medical/Dental Medical/Dental Medical/Dental At Precision Waterjet & Laser, we understand how important it is to provide reliable, high-performance solutions to medical and dental patients. Automotive/Motorsports Automotive/Motorsports Automotive/Motorsports Precision Waterjet & Laser offers a full portfolio of cutting, machining, and metal fabrication capabilities for automotive and motorsports OEMs and suppliers. Rubber/Composites/Foam/Plastics Rubber/Composites/
We have provided rubber, composite, foam, and plastic parts in high-volumes for a broad range of major organizations, including Fortune 100 companies such as Northrop Grumman.
Signs/Displays/Lighting Signs/Displays/Lighting Signs/Displays/Lighting Precision Waterjet & Laser provides a variety of machining and cutting services that enable us to produce signs, displays, and lighting solutions.

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