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What Is ISO9001 Certification?

May 12, 2016MainPathNewsComments Off on What Is ISO9001 Certification?

ISO9001 certification

A network of the international standards institutes of 162 nations across the world, ISO formed in February 1947. Forty years later, the network published its initial series of ISO 9001 standards for quality management — and since then over a million organizations across 178 countries have achieved ISO9001 certification. However, in spite of this, some companies still question the value of the certification — designed to help companies enhance customer satisfaction by meeting regulatory and customer requirements and continuously improving their performance.

It is difficult to overstate the benefits of ISO9001, as companies large and small have used the standard to great effect. One UK-based survey determined that 78% of 596 certified organizations found significant improvements in their business processes — from better quality management skills, to increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and employee motivation — after receiving the ISO9001 certification. In other words, IS09001 not only makes a company better for its customers, but also improves the success of that company overall.

Defining the ISO9001 Certification

Simply put, ISO9001 is the international standard for all Quality Management Systems — most recently updated in 2015. A survey of the certification that took place in 2012 determined that, despite the global recession, the level of companies interested in implementing the ISO9001 quality management standard continues to show a positive trend world-wide.

To those who are aware of it, ISO9001 is the internationally recognized standard for creating, managing, and maintaining a system for quality management in any company, and it is intended for use within organizations in any industry or size. As an internationally recognized standard, it is the basis for any company seeking to develop a system that ensures customer satisfaction and internal improvement. Because of this, the ISO001 is the basic requirement of most companies in taking on an organization as a supplier.

What Does the ISO9001 Certification Mean?

Because the ISO9001 means that you are auditing your processes, and had a certification body audit them, your customers will not need to audit your company. What’s more, the clients or customers of an IS09001 certified company experience the peace of mind that comes with working alongside a business with an approved quality management system.

The ISO9001 certification improves efficiency, saves time, and ultimately enhances customer relationships. First and foremost, it allows consumers to see that the organization they are working with has been recognized and certified by a reliable body. They will understand that you have implemented a system dedicated to meeting customer requirements, improving their trust that you are capable of delivering what you have promised.

What’s more, one of the primary principles of the ISO9001 QMS is that it shows a company’s focus on increasing customer satisfaction by recognizing and meeting customer requirements. Businesses with an ISO9001 certification show their dedication to a culture of continued improvement and express a respect for high-quality service, and the customers that they work to serve.

Getting an ISO9001 Certification

In order for any company to obtain an ISO9001 certification, they must have implemented quality management system standards for each area of the business, from equipment and services, to training, facilities, and staff.

To begin with, the company must have a clear understanding of their business objectives and how they can improve their system to deliver a commendable level of service to all customers and clients they engage with. The business must also incorporate quality management systems into each area of the business, and inform staff of their expectations and roles at each level. The ISO9001 application will require a documented quality management system, alongside a collection of procedures and policies used within the company.

After the completion and implementation of documentation, a company hoping to gain an ISO9001 certification will need to conduct an internal audit to evaluate their QMS processes. What’s more, a formal review by management will evaluate the system and make appropriate decisions for the assignment of new resources. Following the review and audit, the company will resolve any issues, and document how and where they were dealt with.

Precision Waterjet and Laser is ISO9001 certified, and is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality.


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