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The 10 Coolest Waterjet Cutting Videos

June 23, 2016MainPathNewsComments Off on The 10 Coolest Waterjet Cutting Videos

By forcing high-pressure water through a very small orifice, waterjet cutting machines can shape and cut materials with all sorts of strengths and textures. This approach to cutting provides a wide range of benefits – for industrial purposes, the cold-cutting mechanism eliminates unwanted HAZ (heat affected zones). Waterjets are easy to use and environmentally friendly, especially in their reduction of waste material. The omni-directional capabilities make for very precise cuts, and waterjets perform faster than many other conventional cutting tools.

Perhaps the most interesting advantage of waterjets is their versatility. Not only can these innovative machines cut through metals, wood, and glass, but they can also deliver intricate and satisfying results from a variety of other, less conventional materials. Here are some of the most interesting videos that show off the many features of waterjet cutting.

1. Pastry (Fresh and Frozen)

When people think of waterjets, they generally think of high-intensity streams slicing through wood or metal to deliver a precise, clean cut. However, the intricacy and precision of waterjets mean that they can cut through almost any material placed in front of them – all the way from aluminum to delicious frozen pastries:

2. Fish

If you’ve ever struggled to get succulent cuts of fish with a knife, waterjet cutting may present an interesting solution. The following video shows how pure waterjets can cut through trout and perch, for some of the most precise cutlets you’ll ever see:

3. Bullet-Proof Glass

A defining feature of many action movies – and a high-security form of protection for banks and other organizations – bullet-proof glass may be able to defend you from someone wielding a gun, but it can’t stand up to the pressure of an abrasive waterjet:

4. Cakes

Although not the most conventional use of a waterjet system, the pure streams of a waterjet can offer a clean and precise way to shape hundreds, if not thousands, of cakes for extravagant parties. This option is great for reducing waste too, as the waterjet uses the cake as economically as possible! All you need is the right software, and a flat slab of delicious sponge:

5. Celery

Ever wonder how those pre-prepared vegetables from the store are perfectly sliced into symmetrical chunks? You’ve probably suspected this task isn’t done by hand. With a waterjet cutter, everything from celery to tomatoes can be sliced and diced into shape – hundreds at a time:

6. Geode

Cutting geodes without damaging them, or scuffing the beautiful gem inside, can be a difficult process. Traditional methods sometimes lead to abrasions and poor results, whereas waterjet cutting helps to provide a smooth cut – perfect for geodes displayed in homes, museums, and stores:

7. Onions

If the employees at produce factories had to cut thousands of onions themselves, management would likely be dealing with a lot of complaints about streaming eyes and impaired vision. Fortunately, waterjet cutting offers a solution that washes away the irritating reactions caused by cutting onions, while speeding up the process at the same time:

8. Pumpkin Carving

Most people don’t have access to a highly-efficient waterjet machine when they’re carving pumpkins for Halloween. However, the following video suggests that if they did, the jack-o-lanterns sitting out on porches might look far more precise and artistic:

9. Laptops

From a practical standpoint, cutting through your own laptop with a high-intensity stream of water doesn’t make a lot of sense – at least, not if you’re planning on continuing to use that laptop. However, it’s safe to say that watching someone else cut through one of these high-tech machines is a fascinating experience:

10. Motorbike Helmet

One of the greatest benefits of waterjet cutting is that it allows for precise and accurate manufacturing, one component at a time. The following video showing a waterjet shaping a motorbike helmet, offers an insight into just how effective these machines can be:


The Abilities of Waterjets

These videos aren’t just loads of fun to watch – they also help to demonstrate why the waterjet cutting process is one of the most versatile and effective machining processes in the world. Today, waterjets are used in high production applications across the globe – for more projects than you might imagine.

The waterjet has regularly shown that it can do things other technologies cannot – from cutting precise shapes into glass, stone, and metal; to slicing food, carving pumpkins, and detailing helmets.

Have you found any amazing waterjet cutting videos in the past? Share them with us in the comments below!


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